Youth Education Programs

A Safe Place has provided prevention education to Nantucket youth for over thirty-five years. Our programs are designed using age-appropriate materials and skill-building tools for children in Grades 3-12.

Classroom Education

ASP leads programs for students in Grades 3-8 focused on a range of topics including healthy relationships, setting boundaries, bullying and being an upstander. High school students are offered programs focused on sexual assault, consent and prevention.

Date Smart Program

This ten-week program allows members of the Nantucket Boys and Girls Club, grades 6-8, to examine their feelings about dating and relationships. The program encourages participants to become peer and community advocates for healthy relationships based on equity and respect.

Safe Home Project

The annually held Safe Home Project encourages members of Nantucket Boys and Girls Club to learn about healthy relationships, non-violence, and respect for others. Participants create homes using artistic models.

Safety Cape Project

Nantucket Boys and Girls Club members create their own superhero capes and use imagination, out of the box thinking, and creativity while learning about safety and surroundings.

Happy Family Poster Contest

Children at Nantucket Boys and Girls Club create artwork showcasing happy and healthy family moments. Their artwork is displayed yearly at A Safe Place’s Supervised Visitation Center.

Thank you to our Community Partners:

Cyrus Peirce Middle School
Nantucket High School
Nantucket Intermediate School
Nantucket Boys and Girls Club
Nantucket Lighthouse School
Nantucket New School

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