Our Programs

Domestic Violence Community Based Services

Our advocates are available day and night to answer calls to our 24-hour hotline, respond in person to assist with restraining orders in court or at the police station, and provide support as requested in crises at the Cottage Hospital. Depending on the needs of the client, our services range from a listening ear to basic needs items such as food and clothing. In extremely high risk situations, we make available emergency “safe home” while plans are being made to leave the island. Individual and group counseling are important components of this program.

Sexual Assault Prevention & Survivor Services

Trained Rape Crisis Counselors (RCC) are available day and night to provide information, support and options via our 24-hour hotline whether the assault occurred recently or long ago. For those who take the courageous step of undergoing a forensic evidence collection exam, “rape kit”, an RCC will provide in-person support and advocacy at the hospital. In the aftermath, our caring and knowledgeable staff will provide on-going support and counseling to the survivor and/or their friends and family. Individual and group counseling are available. Should the survivor wish to press civil or criminal charges, our staff will continue to provide help and support every step of the way.

Supervised Visitation Center

The overarching goal of our Visitation Program is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for children to maintain a relationship with both parents while attempting to insulate them from the conflict between parents.

Supervised Visits allow non-custodial parents to visit and play with their child(ren) in our comfortable living room. The entire visit is monitored by trained staff.

Neutral Exchange allows for a smooth transition between parents when a restraining order or other reason prevents direct exchange of children.

Bilingual Advocates available upon request.

Child Witness to Violence Program

The immediate and long term effects of witnessing violence in the home are well documented. Through our Child Witness to Violence Program, we work to mitigate the damage by providing therapeutic support to children and their non-offending family member(s) which consists of a combination of individual and family sessions, depending on the age of the child. Education and parenting support are important components of this program which also includes periodic support groups for youth and parents.

Trauma Therapy

The trauma therapy program is intended to improve access to and coordination of services for persons who have experienced child abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault or exploitation or witness violence. Trauma therapy services include (but are not limited to): mental health assessments, individual and group therapy for trauma, and facilitating referrals to other mental health providers on and off the island as needed. Because many survivors need advocacy and case management services as well as trauma services, A Safe Place’s trauma therapists partner with our team of trained advocates, who can provide individual support, advocacy and case management, therefore, allowing our therapists to focus on the mental health needs of each survivor. As with all other services at A Safe Place, trauma therapy is completely free of charge.  

A Safe Place staff “regularly offered assistance with food, clothing and counseling and also checked on myself and my family to ensure that we were in a safe environment in terms of housing.”

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