Supervised Visitation

The overarching goal of our Visitation Center is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for children to maintain a relationship with both parents while attempting to isolate them from the conflict between parents. Parents have a shared responsibility for their children. Most often children benefit from having regular contact with both parents regardless of the parents’ relationship with each other.

The term “supervised visitation” is used to describe two basic types of services:

  1. Supervision of an entire visit between a child and a non-custodial relative; and
  2. Supervision or monitoring of the transfer of the child from one parent to another.

During a supervised visit a non-custodial parent visits and plays with their child(ren) in our comfortable playroom. The entire visit is monitored by trained staff and on-site security. Our facilitation of a “neutral exchange” between parents allows for a smooth transition for children when a restraining order or other reason prevents direct contact between parents/guardians.

Often these services are used when they are ordered by the court for the safety of the child(ren) or during /after a separation or divorce. We take the safety of everyone using the center very seriously and have put the following safety measure in place:

  • On-site security personnel
  • Staggered arrival and departure times for custodial and non-custodial parents to prevent any contact between the two
  • Separate parking areas and entrances
  • Participants sign an agreement to adhere to all program guidelines and policies
  • The Center may refuse or terminate services to families if it is deemed that visitation/exchange cannot be done in a safe manner

Our goal at A Safe Place is to work with both parents/guardians and the court system to make visitation and exchange accessible to everyone. We offer a variety of visitation days and times. An individual appointment with each parent/guardian must take place before visits or exchanges can be scheduled. Please contact us for more information.

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