Board of Directors & Staff

Board of Directors

Linda Hoey, President

Jane Loose, Vice President

Suellen Ward, Vice President

Marcia Anderson, Treasurer

Janine Mauldin, Clerk

Jessie Glidden Bresher
Jason Bridges
Maria Carey
John Copenhaver
Sheila Daume
Aldenora Greenleaf

Katie Grover
Roberta Reis
John Rockett
Paula Swain
Deborah Van Dyke
Maria Zodda


Jennifer Frazee, Executive Director

Iris Shore, Community Engagement & Housing Search Coordinator
Frejae Burrows, Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Program Manager
Kathy Butterworth, Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Advocate
Bryan Frascati, Child Witness to Violence Counselor
Suzanne Fronzuto, Senior Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Advocate
Angela Gray, Administrative Assistant
Julie Kingston, Trauma & Child Witness to Violence Therapist/Clinical Supervisor
Crystal Mautner, Supervised Visitation Program Manager
Michelle Meckler, Trauma Therapist

Nancy Rappaport, Trauma Therapist
Adaluz Paz Garcia, Bilingual Advocate
Tania Pereira, Bilingual Advocate


If you have any questions or concerns about your safety, please contact an advocate on our 24-hour hotline 508-228-2111 or at our office location at 5B Windy Way, Nantucket, MA. Email is not a safe way to contact an advocate if you are being monitored.

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