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Welcome Emily!   Emily Sybert joined A Safe Place as the organization’s newest Child Witness to Violence Counselor in April 2022. Emily graduated from the University of Saint Joseph’s with a Master of Social Work degree. She currently works as the full time Nantucket Intermediate School Social Worker where she has worked for 2 years. In her free time, Emily enjoys going to the beach, spending time with her family, and taking her dog on walks through all the beautiful Nantucket trails. Please join us in welcoming Emily to our team!

 Personal Care Drive
Please help A Safe Place collect much needed personal care items for survivors and their family members in need. We are currently very low on the following items:
Shampoo & Conditioner 
Body Wash
Feminine Products
Baby Care Items 
Check out our Amazon wish list. Donations can also be dropped off at our office located at 5B Windy Way.


Return to the Good Old Days? 

By A Safe Place Advocate, Kathy Butterworth

I came of age in a time when abortions were illegal. Pregnant girls I knew traveled far away to live in homes for unwed mothers, deliver babies and put them up for adoption. Still others boarded a pre-planned flight to London and for one fee got the plane ride, the necessary shots and documents and the abortion, but no follow-up. Some were committed by their families to mental health institutions so with the right diagnosis they could get legally approved abortions.

Women of a certain age remember the time before Roe v. Wade and how women shouldered the burden of pregnancy as if it were entirely their problem. It appears those times are coming back.  A Safe Place is taking notice. We are aware that abortion even under today’s laws is not always available to all women. Twelve states continue to opt out of Medicaid expansion (https://www.kff.org/ kkf.org) which means those funds that would help low-income women get medical help are not available. We are aware that women of color, immigrant women as well as women in the LGBT/Q community are most affected by the lack of subsidized medical care. Unlike my friends who had enough resources to find a way to a legal abortion years ago, poor women can be trapped even now by lack of opportunity.

Then add to the difficulties in finding abortion services, the complication and devastation of rape. Perhaps the sexual assault victim is like the young woman on our chat line recently who told me she is too young to have a driver’s license and can’t get to a hospital on her own. Now imagine a similar young woman connecting with her local crisis center once Roe v. Wade has been dismantled, where she receives help getting to a hospital but is not offered emergency contraception. Imagine a few months later she realizes she is pregnant with the rapist’s child. Now what? At 15, particularly if she is a minority or poor, she is faced with the choice of scrambling to find an illegal abortion or being the mother of an unwanted child.

Abortion is not an easy subject. I just read “…it’s not on any woman’s bucket list (Amanda Bradley,TedxTalk.)” However, body autonomy is something each woman understands. And the loss of it, the control taken over her body by the decision of a small group on the Supreme Court, is frightening.

The argument has been made that even in the cases of rape and incest, abortion cannot be offered because women lie, pretending they’ve been raped so they can get an abortion. Nothing I’ve read supports this hideous and demeaning argument. Victims of sexual assault have the right to informed health care information and to decision-making about their own bodies. The medical community must be free to offer all options.

It is stunning to watch the abortion decision travel full circle back to the time when some of my peers who were pregnant attempted self-abortion with coat hangers and toxic douches. It is not new and yet chilling to say that illegal abortion will not stop women from getting abortions- and it never has.

What can you do?

Call your elected officials, attend rallies, write letters, and post on social media stating why abortion access is important for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence.

Donate to support healthcare facilities in states that will continue to allow abortions, helping them serve the increased number of patients. 

Vote for elected officials who will protect victims’ rights. Your vote matters!

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